Installation / Update


Updates and first-time installations follow the same workflow.
The all-new core-installer is a .exe file which should be placed on either the host which is currently running BVQ° or on the host which is supposed to run BVQ°.
Information about the requirements is provided here. We recommend creating users on the systems you will be scanning beforehand.


Please note that changes to your existing BVQ° configuration can only be made, using an update installation.
This works even with the same installation file used in your current BVQ° installation.

During the update process within the wizard, the fields will display the current configuration values.


The initial setup can be divided into 7 subsequent stages:

Installation / Update

  1. Start the installation
    After placing the core-installer on the specific host you are ready to start.
    Open the core-installer.

    Welcome to the BVQ° installer, the installation/update is about to begin shortly.

    -Click 'Next' to advance to the next page

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